Preserving Open Space for Future Generations
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Our Purpose

For generations, people have recognized that there is something special in the Estes Valley…The core purpose of Estes Valley Land Trust is to preserve that special quality…

Our Passion

The landscape in which we live is an invaluable, non-renewable resource…The pressure from population growth and human development over the last quarter century has been relentless and will continue…

Our Projects

As of July 2013 approximately 9,600 acres are under protection through 159 conservation easements with the Estes Valley Land Trust.

Your Part

Preservation happens one piece at a time…one decision at a time…one commitment at a time. Our goals of land conservation can only be reached through the combined efforts the entire community of people who love the Estes Valley.


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Recent Publications

Below is a list of the recent EVLT publications which may be viewed on-line:
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Thank you for Your Support on Colorado Gives Day!


Once again, Coloradans showed their love for their Colorado nonprofits and communities on December 9, the biggest day of giving in the state. 107,862 donations amounted to $26.2 million, a 28% increase over last year. It is amazing to be part of such a magnanimous event! Thank you for all of your support for EVLT and the nonprofit world!

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