Preserving Open Space for Future Generations
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As recovery from the devastating 2013 floods progresses across the Estes Valley, EVLT is continuing to provide restoration assistance to flood-damaged lands.  We need your help! We are recruiting volunteers to assist with our Great Outdoors Colorado-supported flood recovery efforts.  Volunteer opportunities include planting native grass and wildflower seeds, planting...
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A New Collaboration: EVLT and the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition   For the past eighteen months Estes Valley Land Trust has played a significant role in assisting the Estes Valley in its ongoing recovery from the devastating September 2013 floods. EVLT acquired grant funding to provide owners of flood-damaged properties...
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EVLT is pleased to welcome three new directors to its Board and that three other directors have been re-elected. At the Annual Membership Meeting, held in conjunction with the August Breakfast Event, members re-elected directors Craig Axtell, Jim Broomfield, and Leo Weber.   Also elected to the Board:   John...
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